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It's not so long ago that a product still had a life cycle. This came to an end at roughly the point where the next product's cycle began. As a result, the development of technology was smooth and fairly predictable.

But now things are very different. Innovations are coming thick and fast. And manufacturers don't wait until the demand for existing products starts to drop. On the contrary: The business world communicates fast, decides fast and consumes fast. So product use is correspondingly rapid, with this speed being boosted by short depreciation periods and flexible lease constructions. But the flip side of the technological race is an enormous amount of waste. This is expressed, for instance, in hardly-used products being phased out prematurely.

Strangely enough, today's technology doesn't dictate this situation at all. In fact, materials, designs and manufacture are considerably better than they used to be. The drive for efficiency has made modern products simple and rational, resulting in easy maintenance and repairs, which are often confined to the replacement of, integrated units.

Modern photocopiers provide a textbook example. They are soundly constructed and extremely dependable in use. But continual innovations lead to intriguing new options which dynamic salesmen con spotlight persuasively. As a result, the 'old' copier soon has to make way for its successor.
C. T. E. has come up with an original response to this trend.

C. T. E. 's approach is simple and effective: Destruction of capital in one place can be converted into cost savings somewhere else. Since then they have gathered plenty of proof for this theory.

The C. T. E. formula is based on a combination of selective buying, technical know-how, quality-based thinking and service. Using this formula the firm has built up a wide-ranging network with a strong focus on leading makes of photocopiers. Working on contract basis, C. T. E. acquires large consignments of traded-in copiers: Relatively new machines, which have been used in combination with a maintenance agreement.

As the next step, C. T. E. checks the essential functions of the equipment thus obtained in its own workshop. If the machines don't copy they are repaired and, if necessary, provided with parts. A checked machine is awarded the C. T. E. seal of approval and transferred to a precisely categorized warehouse pool.

As well as work relating to copy-technology, the full C. T. E. service package also extends to specialist services in related fields. This can entail agreements on aspects like packing or shipping. Under certain circumstances C. T. E. can also act as intermediary between market parties, for instance by locating large quantities of equipment. C. T. E regularly consults its wide-ranging network of contacts on issues of transport and trade regulations and is therefore in an excellent position to offer advice. We are convinced that a visit to our warehouse will be worthwhile and we will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

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